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Archive for December, 2011

Bankruptcy Class 101-4

December 19th, 2011    •  by Showell Blades    •   Bankruptcy Blog   •   Comments Off on Bankruptcy Class 101-4

Bankruptcy Class 101 is a series of short videos dealing with filing bankruptcy, protecting your assets in bankruptcy, how bankruptcy affects your credit and understanding where the resources are to help you learn more. The second video in this series will be released in October. See the third video 101-3, part three in the six-part […]...

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  • Can I go to Jail for not Paying my Bills?

    No, not unless you committed a crime in the creation of the debt (for example, fraud). Simply borrowing money and not being able to pay it back is not a crime. Many creditors representatives will tell you lies on the telephone and say that they will have you put in jail. Perhaps they are too ignorant to know they are wrong or that it is illegal for them even to say that. See More Bankruptcy Q&A