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How do I list all my household goods/personal property for you?

There is a pdf form on this website for you to download and write down what you own. Many people make a list of the rooms in their house and write down what is in that room, item by item. You need to list everything. However, I do recommend using collective descriptions such as Silverware, Pots and Pans and not itemizing them when that is possible and practical, and is being honest and complete. I also recommend using generic descriptions such as Kitchen table and 6 chairs, instead of naming the style, manufacturer, wood type, etc.

The exception to this rule is that you should always specifically describe things that are not ordinary household goods, such as the one carat diamond ring set in platinum from great-grandmother, the Picasso painting, the 19th century table made on a plantation with pegs. For these you and your attorney need to talk. He needs to know about these. You cannot hide them or you are committing several federal crimes punishable by prison (I actually have had one client convicted of bankruptcy fraud and serve time). Also, if you do not disclose these finer assets, you cannot later claim them as exempt and protect them when the bankruptcy trustee uncovers them because your ex-wife, irritated next-door-neighbors or someone else calls the bankruptcy trustee to ask him if you told him about item X.

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